The Secrets to Why Women Investors are Succeeding

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Who runs the world? Girls. On March 8th millions around the world celebrated International Women’s Day and guess what? We have a LOT to be proud of. The wage gap is smaller than ever and life expectancy rates for women continue to rise. We see an increase in women investors succeeding. Sounds great, right?

Planning for Financial Independence

This means that there’s no better time for women to start thinking about retirement funds and investment portfolios. So that they can live out their long lives ahead of them in style.

Therefore, if you’re looking to grow your business. It’s time to get information about how alternative investments can help you reach a larger female audience.

What Women Want (From Investments…)

We still have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality (we’ll leave that to Emma Watson). But data suggests that gender diversity is actually rising in the business sector (YAS). Other data outlines some differences when it comes to the factors that motivate how and where men and women choose to invest their money. Understanding these differences can help you build a kickass strategy that will attract a growing number of female investors.

Risk-Taking in Investing

Let’s start with the first difference, risk-taking. Women are usually the responsible adults in the room. As a result, acting more cautiously than men when making investment decisions. They’re the kind of person that you would trust to carry a baby for nine months. Some women choose to put their money in a savings account, favoring stable gains over the whims of the stock market.

Socially Responsible Investing

Women are also more inclined than men to invest in causes that they care about like companies which promote civil rights or environmental sustainability (Hey Greta). If you don’t believe us, here’s the data to prove it. In a survey conducted by Calvert Investments, 95% of women ranked “helping others” and 90% listed “environmental responsibility” as important to them. Men, if you felt unworthy before, keep in mind that you’re competing with millions of Mother Theresas.

Alternative Needs, Alternative Platforms

It’s 2020, and if you’ve learned anything from Cheryl Sandberg or RBG, you probably know that it’s a bad idea to discount women. Aside from comprising half of the population, women are becoming increasingly more important to the financial ecosystem and the same is true for investments.

Alternative Investing

Alternative investments which offer high-yield returns without major risks can be a great option for women looking to grow their retirement funds, which tend to be smaller than men (thank you gender wage gap).

Even better? Highlighting Alternative fin-tech platforms which represent causes that resonate with women investors.

We know that Millenials get lots of flack for their overuse of AF and an unhealthy obsession with avocados, but Millenial women are just as passionate about social impact projects and job growth as they are about Love is Blind. Focusing on alternative platforms that promote these values can be a great way to lean in and reach additional women investors.

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