Why You Should Invest in Alternative Real Estate Investments in 2021

Alternative real estate investments are increasingly popular which makes sense given the current financial climate. Let’s be real. Safety and security often sound boring to us in our early twenties. But, if you followed the mess that was 2020, we understand that when it comes to our finances it is EXACTLY what we’re looking for.

If we’ve learned anything from the past few months, it’s that high-risk options are called high risk for a reason. In other words, just look at the stock market which has plummeted to the worst levels we’ve seen since the Great Recession in 2008.

While we’re all trying to be optimistic about the future, who knows what the markets will look like in the coming months. The stock market still continues to rise and fall (more erratically than your stomach after mixing wine and beer). However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s no better time than right now to encourage your clients to put their money in alternative real estate investments alike or commodities.

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Stock Market Trading

Stock market trading is like the kind of guy you may date in your twenties: exciting, unpredictable but will also cause you heartbreak. Alternative investments are like the kind of guy you want to marry. Maybe he doesn’t have a motorcycle but he’s reliable, predictable and will make you coffee in the morning.

So what’s stopping some investors and clients from moving over to alternative investments? A lack of familiarity.

Those of us who have kids who refuse to eat anything other than Cheerios (yes, the struggle is real), already know that it’s human nature to be afraid of the unfamiliar. The good news is, our professional team and clients here at the MWMfund have already experienced the benefits of alternative investments (ranging from reliable returns to flexibility, to diverse options). However, for those used to putting their money towards more traditional stocks, alternative investments may seem a little too alternative. But then again, so did Blink-182 before we all knew the words to “What’s My Age Again.”

Common Concerns On Alternative Investing

Investors and clients see alternative investments as too stable to generate the large returns (and losses) they are used to. Some reluctant to recommend these kinds of investments to others. That’s where we come in. Many members of the MWMfund family are recovering stock/bond traders who are fortunate to discover the possibilities and potential of alternative investments. Using our own personal experiences, we’ve been able to introduce thousands of people to stable (but lucrative) alternative options and the results speak for themselves.

In Alternative Investments We Trust

If you are paying attention to the apocalyptic movie we are living in since March, you already know that millions of Americans have lost significant amounts of money in the stock market (some their entire livelihood). Just look at Warren Buffet’s investing conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway. This reported a massive loss of $50 billion in the first quarter, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Right now, Americans are looking to invest with credible companies who provide safe and stable returns in a sea of uncertainty. Now it’s alternative investments time to shine.

Your commission from encouraging clients to invest alternatively sometimes is a little less than you’re used to. So will the probability of them and you losing thousands of dollars. You know what’s more priceless than any amount of money you can potentially make from stocks? The trust that your customers will have in you during this period of turmoil and well beyond COVID19.

Build Your Wealth

Begin investing in an experienced, honest, and transparent fund. MWMfund is committed to making a difference in your wealth and in communities. Create an account in 4 minutes to enjoy a $200 minimum investment and low fees!

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